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Muscle Memory Millionaire is a concise collection of information that can contribute to 

an entrepreneur's success automation. 

It Takes Teamwork To Make The Dream Work


I believe our best work can be done by bringing together a diverse group of individuals that posses various talents, gifts, skills, outlooks, knowledge, and wisdom to create solutions, opportunities, and inventions that can only be imagined by minds sparked with supernatural inspiration.

Author Deneene A. Collins


Hello Everyone! Feel free to call me Dee. I'm a writer, author, inspirational speaker, and out-of-the-box entrepreneur.  I work with people to produce their dreams, and I inspire change that fuels people's purpose lit by the hope that can cause an explosion of global positive proportion. 






 Ever dream of becoming a millionaire? If you want to own your own successful business, or if you are already an aspiring entrepreneur who desires time freedom, financial freedom, and a prosperous lifestyle while helping others; you may be able to achieve all these things with the right information. This information that has helped to create what I call muscle memory millionaires.

Want to know what a muscle memory millionaire is?

A Muscle Memory Millionaire is an entrepreneur who has either earned $1 Million or more in revenue or acquired a net worth of at least a million dollars that is the result of forming business success habits which become automatic helping them generate massive profits. 

This book is about mind over money. Making money as a business owner is important, the “how” and “why” off what we do to become millionaires is more important. When a person realizes they must first build themselves before they can properly construct their dreams, they become capable of fully embracing the 

wisdom millionaires are made from. 

What would you do if you were the owner of a successful multi-million-dollar business? If you’re like me, it’s not about getting rich to live rich; it is about so much more. Becoming a millionaire allows regular everyday people like you and I to go from ordinary to extraordinary, average to exceptional, and lowly to legendary. 

Imagine being able to change the world, because you changed yourself for the better. Think about money as the ultimate tool you can use to spend more time with your family, be an extreme blessing to family and friends, give to charity, fund a cause, start a movement, travel the world, buy your dream home, and live life on 

your own terms as your own boss.

Do you want to know your purpose in life is and live it? Do you want to positively impact the lives of others? Do you want to create a legacy you can leave? Live your full potential by doing what you love and loving what you do!

The Secret to Automating Your Success Has Been Revealed!

This book has been structured in a way that makes it easy to read and implement its life-changing strategies. I don’t know you, but I can tell you that it was written with you in mind, because I know myself and we have many things in common like being human and the range of emotions that accompany failure, the desire to succeed when faced with great adversity, and the passion to pursue what will make our dreams come true. 

In This Book You Will Discover:

How to lead yourself so you can lead others.
How to step on failure on the stairway to success.
The power of muscle memory as it relates to business.
The art of dreaming and doing.
How to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Successful Millionaires Are Featured in This Book:

Explore and be inspired by the real-life success stories of:

Iman Aghay – Founder of Success Road Academy, Inc.
Jane M Powers – Creator of “Speak to Profit”
Jay Fiset – Architect of JVology & “Mastermind to Millions”
Tammy Lane – Creator of “The Facebook Faucet” and “The Profit Sweetspot”
Toni Kaufman – CEO of KDDMWORX/KDDM, Inc.
Steve Olsher – America’s Reinvention Expert! Creator of “The New Media Summit”
Jenny Harkleroad – Mind Change Expert & Owner at “Balanced You”

It’s time for you to live your dreams, achieve your goals, and change the world around you with your purpose and business. Take the steps to become a muscle memory millionaire today. 

Are you ready to crush it in the realm of business, life, and success?! If you are prepared to gain knowledge and wisdom that can lead to millionaire status, and if you are an aspiring entrepreneur that wants the type of cash-flow and lifestyle that will make you a paymaster and allow you to do the things in life that make you and those around you super happy, scroll up and click the Add To Cart/Buy Now button! I will see you in the pages of success.  

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